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Hilda Bewildered

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Dear Dan and Lynley

I sent you an e-mail with the same content.

We are writing to you about access to the story app Hilda Bewildered that we read about in research articles on digital storytelling.

We are three senior lecturers in Denmark who would like to do a research project on the app to find out if reading digital stories can motivate teenagers to read more. We train teachers of English and German for the Danish school. We find Hilda Bewildered would be very relevant in English as a foreign language for teens in Denmark since it has many relevant topics for this age group.

The only problem is if pupils would actually be able to access the app.

We found the app on Steam and were able to download it on our PCs but does it actually also work on Mac, I-phones and I-pads?

What about Chrome Books? Most pupils in Denmark are given either I-pads or Chrome Books to use at school.

We would like to develop a sequence of lessons for a teacher to try, interview pupils etc and eventually write an article about it.

If we are unable to use Hilda Bewildered due to technical problems, would you have a suggestion for an alternative story app?
We can see you also developed “The Artifacts” and “Midnight Feast”: would they work on I-pads – or do you have suggestions for alternative story apps that would?

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards, Karen
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Re: Hilda Bewildered

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Hi Karen,

Thanks for reaching out.
We'll reply privately.

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