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Five Guys in Silicon Valley and elsewhere

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Another set of Five Guys on television are the original QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY people.

And I think five is probably enough that people can remember most of them without too many nasty triangles.

[the nasty triangle thing comes from Michael Woods who wrote a paper about Enid Blyton in LINES - "they are not so large as to be unwieldy"].

Also something to be/identify? :geek: :ugeek:

So the main Pooh five would be Pooh; Piglet; Rabbit; Eeyore and Owl.
Slap Happy Larry
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Re: Five Guys in Silicon Valley and elsewhere

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Good point, I've only ever seen one Queer Eye episode -- the one that was shot locally (in Yass). It was a Big Deal when those guys arrived in town. Are their personalities amped up to similar extremes?

I left Christopher Robin out of the Pooh ensemble because he's basically functioning as narrator, but I think we need Kanga because the Mother/'Head' seems to be mandatory by this particular theory?
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